Members of the CultureBroker Group discuss the importance of local terminology*  

ResearchSpace is developing an online collaborative research environment based on the 
CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model

CIDOC CRM - Semantic Glue
  • Preserves the variability of cultural heritage data but provides the semantic glue to harmonise it.
  • Doesn't mandate fields or values. It retains local perspectives embedded into institutional systems based on geography, institutional disciplines and historical objectives.
  • Provides semantic relationships and connections to support high quality research, education and engagement.
    British Museum CIDOC CRM SPARQL Endpoint receives perfect score from Open Data Institute in comparison of Cultural Heritage open datasets.
    Top marks for data quality and overall rating
     Read the Position Paper on providing greater benefits for cultural organisations from data provisioning

    Realizing Lessons of the Last 20 Years: A Manifesto for Data Provisioning & Aggregation Services for the Digital Humanities (A Position Paper)

*Meeting in Rotterdam - July 2014