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What is ResearchSpace?

ResearchSpace (RS) is an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded project aimed at developing an open source platform to support collaborative internet research and information sharing with Web-based applications for the cultural heritage scholarly community. The ResearchSpace environment intends to provide following integrated elements;

  • Data and digital analysis tools.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Semantic RDF data sources
  • CIDOC CRM (Conceptual Reference Model)
  • Data and digital management tools.
  • Internet design and authoring tools.
  • Web Publication
One of the first datasets to be made available in RS for annotation and other research activity will be the British Museum's collection data (currently 2 million objects).

The development of the ResearchSpace system (during 2013/14) will have both technical and process synergies with the Mellon’s ConservationSpace projects which aim to produce next generation collection and conservation systems. However, ResearchSpace will support data exchange with other collection systems whether commercial or open source. 

ResearchSpace will provide a range of flexible tools to support a wide range of workflows and will develop these tools on an ongoing basis. Semantic technology is at the core of the infrastructure because it provides an effective mechanism for research and collaboration across data provided by different organisations and projects. ResearchSpace aims to reduce the costs of developing and operating new and innovative systems, creating a more sustainable research and production environment. ResearchSpace is an enabling environment that will develop over time with the help of those that use it.

Development is in it first stages but the video below shows some of the early work done on semantic search.

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