For consultancy enquiries call Maria Managnostopoulou on +44 (0)207 323 8809

The Semantic Web is a developing environment with great opportunities but also real risks for organisations wanting to move forward sustainably into the open world of Linked Data. The ResearchSpace team provides experience and expertise in developing Semantic Web systems including knowledge representation and modelling and Linked Data application design. It understands the issues of developing quality cultural heritage and humanities solutions in an open world context. The team is located within the British Museum with access to world experts including curators, archaeologists, anthropologists and art historians. The ResearchSpace team can help your organisation make the best of the emerging Web of Data.

Our expertise includes:

•    Triple/Quad and Graph databases (as well as traditional relational systems).
•    Semantic Web publication. Specialists in Semantic Search solutions.
•    Semantic (Linked Data) open source software development. 
•    CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model and other established ontologies.
•    Ontology implementation and design.
•    Data mapping and transformation.
•    Design and specifications transforming traditional approaches into practical Semantic Web applications.
•    Specialist Project Management.

and implementing the ResearchSpace platform within your organisation.