A simple approach to data mapping 

The 3M online open source data mapping system developed by FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (Information Systems Laboratory) and Delving BV (Holland) takes a completely different approach to other data mapping tools. Designed to separate out many of the technical aspects of creating Linked Data, it allows data experts to play a larger role in Linked Data generation creating better end results relevant for larger and wider audiences. 

3M allows a community of people to view and share mapping files to increase overall understanding and promote collaboration between the different disciplines necessary to produce quality results. Data mapping shouldn't be just be the domain of technologists!
Anyone can register for an account and start using the system. 

Work to develop 3M continues to make the system even more accessible and less technical removing the need to understand XML formats and removing other technical elements from the user interface.

The 3M system is specifically designed to support mapping to richer ontologies and the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model. By improving the  tools and information available to perform richer mappings Linked Data can become a more relevant and useful way for organisations to represent their information and semantically integrate it with other CIDOC CRM data sources.

The mapping layouts are simple and functionality has been separated into different parts of the system so that different aspects of a Linked Data mapping can be performed by different people with the appropriate skills. The main mapping screen concentrates simply on mapping each element of a source data file with an appropriate semantic relationship and a real world CIDOC CRM entity.   

As completely separate function for URI (addresses) definitions can be defined to generate, with a mapping, a  file using the new X3ML format. X3ML provides a clear format for defining data mappings making it easy to build separate components connected to the mapping process and encouraging collaborative development. 

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