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The Collections Trust & British Museum explore quality data publication for all

posted 2 Apr 2013, 08:57 by Dominic Oldman   [ updated 2 Apr 2013, 09:00 ]
The Collections Trust and the British Museum's ResearchSpace project are exploring ways that would enable museums to support a wide range of European and global digital projects with just one sustainable data publication method. The aim is to provide all museums, regardless of their size and resources, the opportunity to participate in a sector wide digital approach in which all members would have an important part to play. By reducing the costs of publishing and maintaing high quality contextual data in a form that enables semantic connections and relationships, more collaborative, challenging and engaging web applications could be created. Additionally, any collection might provide the key to unlock new and important knowledge.
The 'Create Once, Publish Everywhere' model is described by Collections Trust CEO, Nick Poole, in a new article on the Collections Link Web Site at the following address,