Stage 1- ResearchSpace Concepts

This stage is now complete

High Level Requirements

A single common software foundations for projects that...

a.       assures they incorporate best practices for production software

b.      results in software that is broadly useful and useable

c.       leverages other software and software development resources, including Mellon funded projects that have resulted in applicable tools and models

d.      recognizes the commitment to continued development over a potentially long time and formulates a plan to support that

ResearchSpace Papers

The following pages describe the ResearchSpace concepts and provide explanations of how the ResearchSpace system would work.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation proposal for a Shared Infrastructure (Aug 2009) - The original idea for a shared collaborative research environment.

ResearchSpace Conceptual Framework (Feb 2010) - An overview of the ResearchSpace environment.

ResearchSpace Research Services (Feb 2010) - How ResearchSpace addresses the research agenda.

Technological Choices of the ResearchSpace Project (August 2010) - An insight into the use and importance of RDF (Semantic web) in ResearchSpace.

ResearchSpace Requirements – Practical Vision and Supporting Notes (Work in Progress) - A practical view of the ResearchSpace environment.