ResearchSpace is a collaborative open source Semantic Web environment designed to use and help build knowledge about the world and its history. It is not technology led and its design assumes a new way of thinking about history and cultural heritage which resolves issues and conflicts that exist between qualitative and quantitative research. The mindset that sits behind ResearchSpace is embbeded in the design but its potential relies on the approach of human researchers and the application of human knowledge systems.

ResearchSpace is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

ResearchSpace connects information about people, places, periods, things and concepts from different sources without losing their original context, and allows the community to enrich information as a collaborative activity. It structures information as networks of knowledge supporting both a linear and non-linear approach to historical questions and encouraging different perspectives. ResearchSpace is open source, open standards, customisable and extensible, designed to be used with a wide range of knowledge based projects and applications.

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